It is my strong belief that if the insurance industry is to meet the needs of its customers in the future as well as meeting its regulatory obligations, then it must come away from the draconian practice of passing their staff a book, telling them to read it and then try and pass an exam on a complex subject without providing that member of staff with any training!  Would accountants or solicitors do that?

My vision is that Insurers and Brokers alike will engage fully with professional training, where their staff can learn in an environment where they can understand the concepts being taught, because someone has made the words on a page come alive and be relevant for their day-to-day job.

In recent years I have trained many individuals who have achieved the best ACII completion in the whole of the United Kingdom.

A large number of the people I have trained have won national prizes from subjects as diverse as Law (MO5), Liability (M96), Commercial Property and BI (M93), Personal Lines Insurance (M86), Business and Finance (M92), Underwriting Practice (M80), Advanced Underwriting (960), Claims Practice (M85), Advanced Claims (820), Marketing (945) and Advanced Broking (930).  Many CII subjects at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level have pass rates that are between 20% and 40%, whereas these increase to well over 95% for the groups I train, often 100%.

Importantly many people who achieved top UK prizes had to be persuaded into taking the exams in the first place as they were not sure they would pass let alone win a national prize!

Do get in touch and let me devise a training plan for your staff that will transform the way they interact with the Cii examinations.

Alan Chandler
Chartered Insurer